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Medicine Wheel


The Medicine Wheel represents the Circle of Life – Mother Earth

where we are all connected, man, animal and all living things”

-Phillip Whiteman Jr.


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The Medicine Model is the original map of life that native people lived by since the beginning of time. It is a philosophy for life, in which we are all connected. All of creation is part of the Medicine Wheel and at the center is balance – the Creator. It represents diversity of life; the four seasons, four colors, four directions, four stages of life, and behaviors that come with each stage. It represents the sky, the land, the water, and underground. The philosophy teaches us the energy we put out to the universe – is reflected back to us. Simply stated, what you do to others you do to yourself. As part of the philosophy the Sun and Moon play a vital role in the connection to the universe; male and female, left brain and right brain, and how the center lobe connects us to our emotions.


The Medicine Wheel Model is a guide to help us find balance in our lives and to understand how our actions affect everything around us: horses, humans and all living things.




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